Zhong Lifei: Bystack sidechain block time is reduced to 0.5 seconds, single block can contain 5000 transactions

Babbitt reported that Zhong Lifei, the director of the original chain technology operation, said today that in the "BlockStack and Web3.0 era" Hangzhou station offline activities, it is four words in the expansion of the original chain: another stove. The Bystack platform of the original chain uses a backbone multi-side chain architecture, assets are linked on the PoW backbone and secured, transactions and activities are carried out in the side chain. The Bystack side chain uses DPoS+BFT to shorten the block time to 0.5 seconds and the block capacity is also greatly increased (1 block contains 5000 transactions), making TPS easy to tens of thousands, which can greatly improve performance. Hank Stoever, the core engineer of BlockStack, also recognized the two-layer expansion scheme such as sidechain. He believes that Bitcoin's chain expansion scheme lightning network design is great, but the current user experience is relatively poor. In contrast, the Ethereum Plasma is a little better in terms of user experience.