Media: Lawyers announced a draft of "India's ban on the use of cryptocurrencies"

According to information shared by lawyer Varun Sethi, the draft of India's ban on the use of cryptocurrencies has been made public. Part of the second part of the draft reads: “No one may mine, produce, hold, sell, trade, distribute, transfer, dispose or use cryptocurrencies in India. Nothing in this Act shall apply to any experiment or Any person who uses any cryptocurrency-based technology or procedure for research purposes, including those who teach students, provided that cryptocurrencies are not used to pay or accept payments for such activities. Nothing in this Law applies to the use of distributed classifications. Account technology creates a network for delivering any financial or other service, or for creating value, without involving the use of any cryptocurrency for payment or acceptance of payments." Given this long time, the government says it is "researching technology" and " Understand the cryptocurrency." According to a report in May this year, an RTI file submitted by Indian officials asked whether it planned to impose a comprehensive ban on cryptocurrency, but it was rejected by the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA). The reason for the refusal is that the deliberation has ended and the relevant information will be published soon.