Be wary of all kinds of counterfeit currency scams in the market, avoiding real money exchange for counterfeit currency

According to, in the past week, fraudulent counterfeiting of well-known tokens has remained active. Among them, only the fire currency token (HT) has as many as 10 counterfeit tokens. Remind traders here, don't trust the token address provided by strangers easily, check the name (name), abbreviation (symbol), transaction activity, number of holders, etc. of the token contract before the transfer, so as to avoid Be deceived. The following are counterfeit currency addresses for some counterfeit coins: 0xf797472…; 0x66eda29…; 0xc50f43d…; 0xb4a3d3b…; 0x34bc412…; 0x223fe58…; 0xb0bf377…; 0xaae0d7d…; 0x31e02d2…; 0xC671D15…;