DLX went online PIEXGO, opening up 702%

Multi-chain decentralized application empowerment platform DLX (DAppLinks) debuted PIEXGO, opening 702%, the current price of 0.01023USDT, up 583%. It is reported that DAppLinks (DLX) is a multi-chain decentralized application empowerment platform, which has obtained AElf, Achain, IOST, Bytom ratio original chain, SAFE, Bittell coin, time stamp capital, consensus laboratory, high dimensional space, Newdex , DFEX, Du Capital, worm brother (Aisi Community), Unicorn, RockMiner, S Capital, Unico and other public chains, investment institutions, exchanges, mining services and other institutions of tens of millions of investments. DAppLinks has been able to create DAPPX Phi Phi Shrimp Blockchain Application Mall, which can directly experience EOS, BOS, IOST and other public chain DApps.