Report: 241 "just trades" have been confirmed since the launch of the lightning network, worth 2.22 BTC

On July 15th, BitMEX Research published an article on Lightning Networks, examining the scenarios of lightning channel closures and the motivation to punish dishonest users and prevent them from stealing funds. This punishment mechanism is called "Justice Transaction." According to statistics, since the launch of the lightning network at the end of 2017, 241 fair transactions have been confirmed, worth 2.22 bitcoins, of which in February 2019 reached a peak of 0.67 BTC. 2.22 bitcoins are quite small compared to the size of the lightning network. According to the data, there are currently more than 940 BTCs locked in 32,849 channels. As a result, the total number of just transactions in the past 18 months accounted for only 0.7% of the current number of lightning channels.