Guangzhou opened a blockchain invoice over 30,000

Guangzhou opened a blockchain invoice over 30,000

Information time news, "Now there is no need to queue invoices, all online, it is very convenient." Consumer Mr. Zhang praised the convenience of "one-second billing". Recently, the reporter learned from the Huangpu District (Guangzhou Development Zone) Taxation Bureau of Guangzhou that the “tax chain” platform of the blockchain electronic invoicing system has benefited 1,058 taxpayers and issued 31,411 electronic invoices for blockchain. At present, the “tax chain” blockchain electronic invoicing platform uses the user system of the Guangdong Electronic Taxation Bureau. Taxpayers can use the account number of the E-Tax Bureau to log in to the “tax chain” platform for the issuance and management of blockchain invoices. Query and other operations.

Chen Xiaocong, the relevant person in charge of the Taxation Bureau of Huangpu District (Guangzhou Development Zone) in Guangzhou, said that the “tax chain” platform is an electronic invoice service platform based on blockchain technology construction, which can provide taxpayers with invoices for automatic application for inspectors and invoices. Issue the functions of delivery, invoice automatic collection, etc., and open the whole process of “payment-issuing-reimbursement-accounting” to realize the second-level billing and minute-level reimbursement. With the promotion of the “tax chain” platform, the application field has been expanding and has been extended to the use of large-scale e-commerce and parking lots.

In addition, the application of the "tax chain" platform is also a big plus for consumers. The reporter noticed in the parking lot of Guangzhou Kayu Network Technology Co., Ltd. that the citizens only need to first bind the license plate number in Alipay, automatically recognize the license plate number from the vehicle entering the scene, and automatically calculate the parking fee according to the license plate number when the vehicle leaves the scene. Alipay automatically deducts the fee and the whole process does not require manual operation. After the car owner can apply for an invoice from Alipay's parking record, fill in the invoice header information and then open the blockchain electronic invoice.

According to Guangzhou Kayu Network Technology Co., Ltd., after applying the “tax chain” blockchain electronic invoice, the process of entering the market, scanning the code and requesting the hand-wrapped invoice is not only greatly shortened the transit time, but also improved. The traffic efficiency has also solved the problem of invoicing of “no sense parking” and really opened up the last mile of the unattended parking lot.

It is understood that as of May 31 this year, 1058 pilot taxpayers have issued 31,411 electronic invoices for blockchain through the “tax chain” platform, and more than 160 million invoice data have been collected on the “tax chain” platform. More than 30,000 invoiced taxpayers and more than 1.41 million taxpayers.

Enterprise billing process

1. Enter the invoice issue page, the invoicing enterprise can enter or select the purchaser information, select the commodity code of the billing item, and enter the quantity, unit price, amount and other information of the goods.

2. After the entry is completed, click the billing to submit the billing request (through the billing inquiry interface, you can check whether the billing request is completed).

3. After the request is completed, you can click to view the invoice layout file and deliver it quickly by downloading, printing or email.