Bitcoin is a must for the 2020 US election.

Bitcoin is a must for the 2020 US election.

Interestingly, Bitcoin prices have risen slightly after Trump's tweets, and it seems that investors believe that Trump's short-term focus on cryptocurrencies will translate into "positive energy" for bitcoin prices.

Investment institutions & digital currency industry executives quickly attacked

Executives from the financial community also believe that in the long run, Trump's tweets bode well for cryptocurrencies, and CEO Jeremy Allaire is also on social media. It is suggested that this may be the biggest bull market signal in the history of Bitcoin.

Wall Street veterans and "Blockchain Task Force" member Caitlin Long also urged President Trump to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency experts together to hold blockchain conferences because she suspected the Trump administration The practical ability of the blockchain and cryptocurrency has given the attention of “too low”.

Bitcoin is a must for the 2020 US election.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Tron founder Sun Yuchen also interjected and urged President Trump to reassess his views on Bitcoin, and Armstrong excitedly tweeted:

"Achieves unlocking… First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they bully you, and finally you win. Tell you, we just completed step 3."

At the same time, eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan said: "Even if Trump says he is not a fan of Bitcoin, the fact that he mentioned it is very optimistic for the entire encryption market. Trump mentioned that the benefits of Bitcoin are reflected in: Other presidential candidates can respond to Trump's comments on cryptocurrencies. Take Democratic candidate Andrew Yang as an example. He once said:

“The blockchain has a lot of potential. It can make many things safer, more transparent and more efficient.”

Yang is best known for its UBI (Universal Basic Income) program, which aims to distribute $1,000 per month to every American and accepts campaign contributions from Ethereum, Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Bitcoin is a must for the 2020 US election.

Does Bitcoin need to argue?

Given that 22 candidates are running for the Democratic nomination, the bitcoin issue may surface during the upcoming Democratic debate. As PT Barnum said many years ago, "there is no bad publicity." History has proven that bitcoin, whether positive or negative, will thrive in media communication. (The internet)