CoinMetrics co-founder: Mnuchin's most ironic remark is that "bitcoin is out of nothing"

CoinMetrics co-founder Nic Carter commented on US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's comments on Bitcoin: Mnuchin's most ironic remark is: "Bitcoin is 'out of nothing'", which makes me feel incredible: this has to make people think To understand what is supporting the money. Spoiler: The dollar can not explain this problem; it is inconsistent with the real situation. People will think, "If BTC doesn't get support, why is it worth it? What am I not getting?" In addition, this is not in line with ordinary people's perception of Bitcoin. It is known that Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy and vaguely knows that production costs are high. This is not a powerful argument, the finance minister. Despite attacking us under the banner of terrorist financing, we all know that this day will come sooner or later. I really like his anti-counterfeiting measures to promote the new 100-dollar bill. But if I say that there is a technology that not only allows you to verify your bills, but also audit every unit of the money supply you have created, what do you think?