Research: Lightning network disposal as a bad node, has been confiscated 2.22 BTC

A new BitMex Research report found that the Bitcoin Lightning Network node confiscated 2.22 bitcoins ($24,000) from malicious nodes in the network in "justice transactions."

The report focuses on "channel closures," a security measure designed to prevent dishonest lightning network nodes from acquiring funds on Bitcoin's Layer 2 network.

Lightning network

The report states:

"According to the design, when a thief tries to steal funds on the lightning network, if it is discovered, it will not only lose the funds it wants to steal, but also lose all the funds in the relevant channels."

As early as December 2017, BitMex identified 241 possible transactions, equivalent to 2.22 bitcoins—about 0.7% of all transactions on the network, and these transactions were executed “Justice Channel Closed”. However, the report acknowledges that if more sophisticated techniques are used to study the data carefully, the number of such transactions may exceed 241 pens.

BitMex said that the most active month of fraudulent activity was in February 2019, when it was confiscated by about 0.67 BTC (about $7,266), followed by April and May, which were 0.4 BTC ($4,338) and 0.2 BTC ($2,169). ).

The study acknowledges that based on the information it collects, 2.22 BTC is the most likely number to estimate. The report also pointed out that this number does not necessarily mean that the thief "failed to steal 2.22 BTC but failed because the dishonest node will be penalized more than the funds they are trying to steal once it is discovered."

Not only that, but 241 fair trades may not be entirely fraudulent, as some of these transactions may be done by users of the test system.

Less than 1% of all transactions in Lightning Network are considered suspicious, which only means that Lightning Network users behave better than users of other networks, or that the perpetrators in Lightning Network are better at covering them up. Traces. What do you think?