July 16 madman market analysis: Libra aborted the US version 94 is coming soon?

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The rebound only took a day to directly attack the strong pressure of 11000. Today, after the heavy volume attack, there was a clear callback. Now the daily level has a double top and double bottom trend. If the market is weak, Bitcoin will be at 10000- 11000 continues to oscillate. If the market is strong, Bitcoin will quickly step out of the 11,000 strong pressure, establish a high double bottom, and re-challenge the previous high.

Analysis of the madman market on July 16: Libra aborted. Is the US version 94 coming soon?

So today and tomorrow are the key points. Bitcoin is back to 11,000. The double bottom is established to continue to rebound. If Bitcoin chooses to oscillate, then the bulls will be unable to counterattack and the market will continue to adjust.

The current trend of the comprehensive disk, the madman believes that the short-term bitcoin range is more likely to oscillate, the bulls are difficult to sustain, so the outlook of the market is still empty, now this position can be a part of yesterday's bargain-hunting, if the market can pull back 11000 We are considering adding a position.


The oversold rebounded a wave, but the strength of the rebound was not big enough, which reflected the weakness of the bulls. If the current price of the currency is waiting for the 5-day line, then the market will continue to pull back, so in any case, there is no station. Before the 5th line, it still looks at the downward trend, and the rebound will reduce the profit. Unless Bitcoin stands back to 11000.


If it is hard, it will be soft. The market has no emotions, but the kinetic energy of this position is not big, so the big probability is shocked at the bottom.


The fall is not enough, the amount of squat is not, so the rebound is also very weak, which is why the madman told everyone yesterday to find those who fell far from the 5-day line, Wright this obviously does not meet the conditions, the short-term still along 5 The daily line is mainly down, and even if it rebounds, the space will not be too big.


The most embarrassing rebound of the rebound, today did not keep up with the strength, but yesterday the shadow is long enough, the amount is also large enough, it is expected that there will be room for rebound in the market.


These days are not fast enough, and the trend is still down.


It’s boring, and the trend is still weak, and yesterday’s rebound has no heavy volume. This is not normal, so we can basically judge that the previous amount can be brushed. It’s hard to see the real flow of funds. .

Analysis of the madman market on July 16: Libra aborted. Is the US version 94 coming soon?


The decline is not large, and the rebound is very strong. From the high point, this wave can clearly see that the funds have not flowed out. This kind of currency market is worthy of our attention.


Still no emotion, not participating for the time being.


The continuous volume of the 4 hours chart may be related to the US 94 mentioned in the preface. It is completely out of the independent market. This is a coin on the coinbase.

Platform currency:

The currency security is still mainly callback, HT shocks upwards, OKB has a compensatory demand, and OKHT can be temporarily held.

The small currency did not talk about it. In the two days of the mainstream earthquake, the financial sentiment returned to the mainstream, and the coin did not play.

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