The currency to see the transaction opens the public beta intelligent aggregation transaction

On April 10th, the currency watch transaction officially opened the public beta of the whole network, and the “smart aggregation transaction” was released. The first batch of strategic cooperation exchanges for the currency to see transactions are the three major exchanges such as Bin An Binance, Firecoin Global Station and OKEx. In each transaction, the company realizes deep sharing with major exchanges. At the same time, the intelligent aggregation system will automatically select the best deals between the trading prices of several exchanges for the users, achieving the “fastest transaction, best price”. At present, the currency is on the line of BTC, BCH, BNB, HT and other popular currencies. At present, the wallet supports more than 1900 coins, and the follow-up will be based on the market conditions to arrange the currency to go online. The currency was established in 2013. In 2018, it was awarded B-round financing by Bitland and IDG Capital.