The gang is worth more than 20 million yuan for the purpose of digging bitcoin to steal electricity.

The gang is worth more than 20 million yuan for the purpose of digging bitcoin to steal electricity.

Recently, the reporter learned from the People's Procuratorate of Dantu District, Zhenjiang City that the institute had handled a criminal gang that had stolen the national power to dig bitcoins. More than 20 criminal suspects used nearly 4,000 devices to steal up to 20 million yuan worth of electricity. It is reported that the case is the largest thief case since the founding of Jiangsu Province.

In March 2019, Zhenjiang Power Supply Company reported the case to the public security organ, saying that since December 2018, the line loss rate of several 10 kV lines in Xinfeng Town of Dantu District has increased sharply. After the bureau conducted a comparative analysis through the electricity information collection system and the marketing business application system, it was found that there may be a major power stealing behavior in the area.

After investigation by the public security organs, as the price of bitcoin transactions rose significantly, from March 2017 to May 2019, Lanmou, Mao Mo, Li, Ye Moumou, Mao Mou, Wang Moumou, Wang Mou, etc. The company has purchased more than 4,000 bitcoin mining machines, renting 12 factories in Zhenjiang New District and Dantu Xinfeng and Guyang, and installing “mining” equipment in batches. It employs dozens of Zhejiang-based fellows and Changzhou and Xuzhou. Wait for the "experienced" field personnel to short-circuit the meters in the power distribution room of each "mining" equipment placement point by means of transformers.

In June 2019, the case was transferred to the Dantu District Procuratorate for review and approval. Because the evidence of tampering on the spot can be quickly eliminated, the meter is returned to normal in an instant, it is extremely difficult to find the specific thief of the criminal gang, and the gang’s method of committing crimes is very hidden. Most of the hiring personnel are not locals in Zhenjiang, and generally do not People communicate, and the surrounding people are not sure what they are doing, and it is difficult to handle the case.

In order to assist the public security organs in investigating and collecting evidence, the case-handling team has conducted in-depth investigations on the scenes of Dantu Xinfeng, Gaoqiao, Guyang, Jiangxin and other places, and analyzed and judged the daily life laws and abnormal capital exchanges of gangs such as Lan. Investigate the criminal gang's organizational structure, membership, the true identity of the members, the criminal process, and the relationship between the “mineral area” and the “mineral machine” maintenance operators, and the relationship between the case and the public security organs. Communicate and discuss the case, focus on the investigation and evidence collection direction, the calculation of the amount of stolen electricity, the severity of the crime and other issues, and put forward more than 10 opinions and suggestions, forming a complete evidence chain for the smooth handling of the case.

After the on-site appraisal by the Zhenjiang Municipal Quality Supervision Department and the power supply company, the gang’s accumulated value of stolen electricity reached nearly 20 million yuan. On June 27, 2019, on the basis of comprehensive and detailed review, the court made an approving decision on 13 suspects including Lan. Currently, this case is still under investigation. (Legal Daily)