Depth: Where is the culprit behind the current market crash?

Depth: Where is the culprit behind the current market crash?

If Bitcoin is affected by regulatory policies, it was killed in the cradle a decade ago.

But Facebook's release of Libra stable currency is really seen by everyone, especially all kinds of large institutions. Everyone is a big brother, why can you do this on Facebook? Why can't I? Those who are truly tempted must not be civilians affected by "inclusive finance", but other food-feeders who want to embrace themselves. Now everyone is still watching, because Zuckerberg is younger, let him rush forward and let the bullets fly for a while. After all, so many people, everyone does not want to become a martyrs.

So in the next month and a half, we will see the deep treachiness of Facebook and the betrayal and fear of the US Congress, Trump Twitter and various "enterprise super nodes" and the torture and suffering of silence. But what will we see when this time is passed? The game ended, whether Facebook beat Trump or was killed by the US Congress. The conclusions will be very obvious: blockchain and digital currency are the general trend, and no individual can have the power to change the tide.

The traditional giants are awakened. Why do you have to be small to lead? There is no big bang in this era. Whoever grabs it first, don't worry so much, and it's done. When the group of wolves start looking for their own scenes to issue various types of stable coins or other digital currencies, who do you think will last? It is an ordinary people. As a result of the competition among the giants, a large number of ordinary people have begun to enter the world of blockchain. When everyone sees the power of Bitcoin, the consensus will not remain in the regulated digital currency, but will enter the real Blockchain world.

This is not the case. Two days ago, Wang Xin, the director of the Research Bureau of the People’s Bank of China and the head of the Money and Banking Bureau, answered the central bank’s concerns about the major international organizations and central banks on digital finance and financial technology: the central bank now passes the State Council. The official approval of the market is organizing market research and development of the central bank's digital currency. The central bank's digital currency is defined as M0 in China and is a certain degree of substitution for cash.

Depth: Where is the culprit behind the current market crash?

In the future, there are only two giants in the world: one is completely decentralized, which may be USDT; the other is issued by the state subject for credit endorsement, and it is likely to be China.

A long time ago, I said that China will definitely not be absent from the blockchain. On the contrary, China will become the main core force of blockchain and digital currency in the future. But the blockchain is like the Pandora's Box for the US government. Starting with Libra Stabilizer, the box is completely opened. As I mentioned earlier, the core value of Libra Stabilizer is the springboard for the world to enter the blockchain, and the final consensus will be reached on Bitcoin Ethereum. At this time, we will see the digital currency skyrocketing after September of the second half of the year.

Yes, I am here to recharge your faith. Remember the point in time in the previous article, "The Logic of Bitcoin's Ups and Downs?" Soon, we can verify it.

So back to the title of this article, who is the murderer of this round of digital currency plunging?

I explained the relationship between Bitcoin Ethereum and gold and silver in the article "The Logic of Bitcoin's Ups and Downs". Looking at the trend of Bitcoin Ethereum in the next few years, as long as you look at the trend of gold and silver in the recession period of the Kangbo cycle and the trend of the two rounds of bitcoin bull market, you can calculate the next few years. Bitcoin Ethereum will happen. Of course, going to the specific time point and the specific point, in fact, need the market game data at that time to predict in advance.

Therefore, many friends told me that Ethereum has fallen below the spread of the spread with Bitcoin. How is this going? Please rethink the article. I mentioned that Ethereum as "digital silver" will form a stable spread to the bitcoin. This time, we will see it in 2021, because by then, Ethereum will The network upgrade was successful. It is still in the process of solidifying the "consensus", but in the end, we will definitely see it proved. Therefore, the oversold state of Ethereum/Bitcoin should be bought and should not be sold. After all, the final "consensus" will be reached.

Any currency will go through three phases: air currency, narrow applications and generalized applications. In the next two years, Bitcoin will form a broad application scenario of “digital gold” for the appreciation and transfer of large-value assets. In the next two years, Ethereum will form a generalized application scenario of “digital silver” as a distributed value agreement for the underlying operating system of blockchain.

Depth: Where is the culprit behind the current market crash?

I also mentioned that the current round of rise since 2019 is actually an overall market increase driven by the rise of traditional capital such as Wall Street into bitcoin. Therefore, Ethereum is only accompanied by rising and falling, but no heavy volume. The bottom of Bitcoin's plunge on July 1 was 9728. The temporary low of today's plunge is 9880. Is it? It is possible that even if it falls again, it is unlikely to fall too much. As I said before, the final confirmation point is around August 1.

In fact, more than two months ago, I knew that the stage high of Ethereum was 360, and the futures high was 380. There is a particularly typical "consensus" that is ignored by all retail investors. This consensus is called "financial consensus." Since the beginning of last year, the entire digital currency market has gradually entered the market for regular military operations. It is not the original market for grassroots traders. Therefore, the inertia of market formation will become more and more like the traditional investment market and globalization. The average cost of spot doubled and the average cost of futures quadrupled. This is the financial consensus. Why did I know that this number was 360 long ago, because the average cost of multiple stocks in the spot is 180. The average cost of futures multiple orders is 95.

So what happened to Ethereum? Everyone can understand that when Ethereum went up after bitcoin fell to 9728, it was a small increase, and it fell from the last weekend to today. Ethereum is not heavy, who is going to empty Ethereum?

There is only one truth, EOS.

As a digital currency that wants to replace Ethereum as the second place, EOS has been forming a hedge with Ethereum. In other words, this round of Ethereum falls, we should look at the proportion of the EOS / ETH transaction pair. EOS is actually a "private silver" with insufficient composition, which has hit the market. EOS operators will replace EOS with Ethereum to hedge their risks when they fall sharply. When EOS needs to place orders, they will throw ETH. air.

This round of decline, everyone should have seen, EOS is leading, that is to say, the decline of EOS led to the lack of heavy-duty Ethereum fell to the low level that could not reach.

Depth: Where is the culprit behind the current market crash?

For all altcoins, including EOS, only the currency of Ethereum is described. Assuming Ethereum is in US dollars, EOS may be similar to the position that the pound wants to challenge the US dollar. For other ecosystems derived from Ethereum, it is all kinds of small country currencies, even Venezuela. The EOS/ETH deal is just like the GBP/USD trade pair in the Forex market.

Then the question is coming. Why is the real predator of Ethereum not shooting? In fact, the biggest predator in Ethereum has already earned a full set of money, but why is he still not shooting, only let the shrimps and crabs in the market come out and kill? Because Ethereum will be pulled up when Bitcoin goes up, now we see EOS dragging Ethereum down. But when the market stabilizes, what should EOS do when it goes up? It will take the lead in pulling Ethereum up and it will rise.

Others lifted the car and let me go up. I don’t have to spend a penny. Where can I find such a good thing? Then why do the Ethereum predators decide that they can lift their own money without having to spend money on Bitcoin and EOS? Then disrupt the rhythm of Bitcoin and EOS, and raise yourself? I will recharge everyone a wave of faith:

Because, as I said at the beginning of the article, he knows that the bull market for digital currency is coming in two months, and the turning point is on August 1.

The financial world is like a martial art, with mountains everywhere. Masters do not need to meet, the numbers and curves on the screen are the invisible sword and gas field between the masters. There seems to be nothing, nothing is natural, everything is in the air. As the so-called step by step, only by standing at the angle and vision of the ultimate crocodile to see the market, can you get the scenery that others can't see, get the answers and conclusions that others can't think of, and finally your cognition will be with you. Earn money "German possession".

Then, then, do you think EOS will succeed in the throne? Of course not, the premise of the princes to make the princes is that it is not the emperor. The pound has never moved the dollar. In the end, the only way to defeat the dollar in the legal currency world is the renminbi.

Ethereum began its crowdfunding from the beginning of 14 to the end of the 15th to find its own narrow application scenarios. The initial consensus of "Digital Bronze", the narrow application scenario of HYN, will be formed in the world in the next two years.

By then, it will lead the blockchain world to a comprehensive application scenario.