XRP fell below the lowest price in December 2018 and cannot carry and reflect Ripple value at this stage.

XRP fell below the lowest price in December 2018. At this stage, it is impossible to carry and reflect Ripple value.

As of December 1, 2018, the price of XRP fell from the highest price of 3.6 US dollars to 0.39 US dollars, and then rebounded slightly in the next few months, but it has not yet emerged from the predicament. Previously, the XRP price just fell below the lowest price in December 2018, which means that since 2017, the return rate of XRP has fallen by more than 90%. To some extent, XRP does not carry the value of Ripple very well at this stage. Ripple has three products, xCurrent, xRapid and xVia.

According to statistics, more than 200 organizations around the world have established partnerships with Ripple, but most organizations use xCurrent, and xCurrent is not highly dependent on XRP, but xRapid, which requires XRP as the transfer medium, is currently only available. A few institutions are using it. Even though Ripple has better technology and products, because the market does not have much demand for XRP, the original token of XRP cannot fully carry and reflect the value of Ripple. CoinMarketCap market shows that XRP is currently quoted at $0.3173, a 1.8-hour increase of 1.87%.