EOSLaoMao initiated a multi-sign proposal for the second step of deploying the eosio.assert contract with 9 votes.

EOSLaoMao released an official announcement today: As of July 16, 2019, the multi-sign proposal for deploying the eosio.assert contract step 2 (3 steps in total) has been approved by 9 BP votes, including 7 Top 21 BPs. It can be deployed with the consent of 8 Top 21 BPs. The eosio.assert test environment has been deployed on Kylin and Jungle test networks, and the system contracts have been upgraded to 1.7.0. The online wallet feature of bloks.io already supports EOS Authenticator login. Due to frequent changes in node rankings in the near future, the proposal has included the top 35 nodes of the main network in the require auth, and called the top 35 nodes to actively participate in the verification of the proposal.