Meng Yan: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Design of Double Pass Economic Model

Meng Yan, vice president of CSDN, today issued an article to interpret the design of the dual-pass economic model. The dual pass system is not only an advantage, but the disadvantages are also obvious. The advantages are: 1. Circulation certificate pursues maximum liquidity, while the equity currency pursues long-term appreciation. These two certificates bear their duties and do not interfere with each other; 2. The circulation certificate is usually a low-volatility currency, so that it provides a reliable accounting unit for the system; 3. The equity certificate does not Shrinking in a corner, waiting to pay dividends or voting rights, Equity Pass can also selectively participate in certain scenarios. 4. The two can support each other. Disadvantages: 1. The realization of circulation certificate is more difficult. 2. The regulatory barriers are relatively high. Article link: