Xiamen City approved a cross-border financial blockchain service platform pilot

Xiamen City approved a cross-border financial blockchain service platform pilot

At the beginning of this year, in order to better serve the real economy and explore ways to ease the financing difficulties and financing of SMEs, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has created a cross-border financial blockchain service platform. According to reports, this platform is a blockchain platform that covers a wide range of domestic financial sectors to date, and is also a blockchain platform that is rarely organized by the national regulatory authorities. At present, nine provinces and cities including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Beijing, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Fuzhou, Xiamen and Ningbo participate in the pilot work of the platform.

The blockchain technology integrates the export customs declaration data, and promotes the funds to “deactivate the virtual” through the three streams of “commodity flow, information flow and capital flow”. The pilot platform will be launched, which will provide new channels for the bank's export trade financing authenticity review. The new means will greatly enhance the efficiency of the approval of the bank's export trade financing business.

On July 10, ICBC Xiamen Jimei Branch took the lead in using the cross-border financial blockchain service platform to successfully handle the export invoice financing business for Yanzhan Optoelectronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. The financing amount is 1.45 million US dollars. According to reports, as of July 12, ICBC Xiamen Branch has received four applications for export invoice financing, amounting to nearly 6 million US dollars.

Wang Yang, assistant to the president of ICBC Xiamen Branch: For the customer, he solved the problem of financing difficulties. Through the use of the interactive blockchain with the bank information, the information is more transparent, the financing is more standardized, and the bank is easier to get. Financing. At the same time, it can further standardize the relevant financing of the company, so that we can better support some good enterprises, trade companies with real trade background, and have greater benefits for Xiamen's economic growth.

In the next step, Xiamen City will continue to use the blockchain pilot as an opportunity to launch more business scenarios and use financial technology innovation to serve the real economy. (The internet)