Buying virtual currency to make money, Guanghan a woman into the group was cheated 16,000

According to the Sichuan News Network, on July 16th, the reporter learned from the Guanghan police that Ms. Liu (synonym) of Guanghan joined the WeChat group of “VTK everyone to do together and earn money together” because of their trust in others. Under the guidance of the members of the group, During the period from February to March 2019, he successively invested more than 16,000 yuan to purchase the virtual currency "micro-distributed coins", and obtained a total of 1,650 yuan for the so-called "dividends". After Ms. Liu stopped investing funds, the group owner Zhou Mou Someone refused to accept dividends and refunds for various reasons and kicked Ms. Liu out of the WeChat group. Realizing that she might be cheated, Ms. Liu went to the Xihan Police Station of Guanghan City Public Security Bureau to report the case. In this regard, Guanghan police immediately filed a case according to law and provided relevant clue evidence to the Guangdong Foshan police.