Bitcoin fluctuated within a narrow range, and the market once again adjusted back. How did the follow-up market develop?

Yesterday, after the bitcoin bottomed up, it rose slightly again today, but then fell back. This is a typical lure and the amount can shrink. Therefore, don't cut the bottom.

A correction in the bull market will result in a capital takeover. The current market is that once the market is pulled up, there will be funds to sell, and the market is transformed so quickly. Therefore, it is time to switch investment ideas.

The bull market's investment idea is that the callback is the time to buy, and it is difficult to buy a cow to look back; the bear market's thinking mode is to run on rallies, and don't leave it as a pick-up man.

Now, although it is not a bear market, the Mavericks market is over, and the callback is inevitable. I remember that the last time Bitcoin started to rise from $9,600, it was very determined, but the strength of this time has become very weak.

It is very difficult to make money in this market. The best way is still to stay still and wait for the opportunity. Sometimes, if you save your strength, you can re-emerge in the next wave of opportunities, or you can only become a spectator.

In last year's bear market, many friends left the market and never returned to the circle. This is an example; but some people did not give up. By investing in some coins, they have already returned this year and started to make a profit.

The USDT thing is the focus of everyone's recent attention. Let's talk about it, relax your heart, and don't be confused by rumors. The USDT was publicly announced at least 5 times and still lived well.

Not to mention USDT, Bitcoin has been dead many times in the media, and now it is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Moreover, the hearing in the United States will only affect the use of USDT in the United States, and will not affect users in other regions.

If you are not at ease, you can take USDT to change other stable coins, but I don't think I have to worry about it. USDT has no risk at the moment.

After the market oscillates, the probability will continue to fall. Therefore, short-term rallies can be lighten up. If there is a huge drop, it is often the end of the adjustment, and there may be opportunities for bargain-hunting.

In fact, the most fearful thing is the yin fall, so that the market is the most popular, and the industry will once again be brought into the cold winter. However, the good will continue to attack, I believe that like the 18 years of winter, it will not come for the time being.

Now everyone is still most concerned about the currency of investment and the point of bargain-hunting. I have said that the halving of next year is bitcoin and bit cash. These are the key points of investment. In particular, bitcoin can be bargain-hunting under $10,000. I believe that next year I will thank myself for the bottom.

The following analysis of the market with technical indicators:

Bitcoin's indicators are weaker, and there is a shrinking rebound. The Bollinger Band continues to close, the price is below the middle of Bollinger; the price is suppressed by the 5th line, weaker; MACD continues to fall, DIF is falling; KDJ and RSI rebound slightly. But it is still in the low position.

The rebound was an oversold rebound and did not change the trend. The follow-up is still bearish. The $9,500 and $9000 can rebound in short-term and the long-term will continue to wait.

The trend of ETH is also very weak. Even with the cross star, MACD runs to the lower end of the 0 axis. It is difficult to pull up; KdJ appears to rise slightly, but it is still weak; RSI is in equilibrium; Bollinger line is open, price is down the lower rail run.

The trend of ETH is not optimistic, 200 US dollars is the next position, you can rebound in short-term, the bottom of the bargain may be around $180.

The trend of EOS is similar to that of ETH, and it is mainly based on wait and see in the short term. Yesterday, there was a rise in heavy volume, which was not good today. The Bollinger Band opened and the price was on the lower rail; MACD was still at a low level; KDJ and RSI rebounded, but they were still weak.

On the whole, the market is still in a weak stage. Don't blindly bottom out, still need to wait. If you want to rebound, you can bottom out at the end of the decline. Fast forward and fast, don't take it often; don't repeat it, it is easy to be cut. Pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more investment advice.

This article data source: QKL123