Libra Hearing | David Marcus: We are always striving to provide better service

Beijing time today (July 16) at 22:00, the US Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the Facebook Libra project. The hearing was from David A. Marcus, the head of the Facebook Calibra team. Some Members have said that Facebook has a lot of black history. Many Members are going to be black. Is your old problem changed? Before you do a new project, it is best to solve the old problem first. Some Members asked, why not publish all Libra Association members? Marcus said that we will not control Libra and the members will make their own decisions. Some Members have asked, you are already very big. Why do you have to get involved in the currency? Is it ambition too big, do you want to become bigger? Marcus said that we have been innovating and have been working hard to provide better service.