Media: The list of 197 blockchain filings of the Internet Information Office was announced, and several overseas legal currency projects were listed among them.

According to the Jinke News Agency, after the first batch of 197 “inside blockchain information service filing list” was released on March 30, the blockchain concept stocks, especially the listed companies involved in the list, ushered in the capital market collective. Carnival, multiple consecutive daily limit. However, according to Jinkeshe’s incomplete statistics, at least nine of the 197 filing projects are suspected of having dual identities: they became the first blockchain companies in China, and they were issued overseas through foundation operations. Encrypted digital currency. The successful completion of the domestic blockchain enterprise can only prove that the domestic principal institutions can legally and compliantly engage in the development of blockchain technology. It is not recognized for its overseas ICO/currency behavior, nor can it be, and the responsible party should also avoid becoming a propaganda of various types of coins. opportunity.