Xiao Lei: From Marcus’s testimony, Libra’s creation of the world currency is the only direction.

On July 16, Xiao Lei issued a message on the WeChat public account, "The RMB is absent from the Libra currency basket, and the purpose of the United States has been achieved." The article said that the so-called regulatory pressure in the United States may not only make Libra aborted, but more likely to give Libra the ability to continuously deliver Libra features and build brand advantage. At the same time, it has achieved the goal of hunger and thirst marketing. Delaying Libra's release in various ways may be a strategy. If you look at Marcus's testimony, Libra has not only changed the product structure or goals because of the disputes of various parties and the pressure from regulators in various countries in recent years. Instead, it has unabashedly announced the introduction of new ones. The purpose of world currency. From Marcus’s testimony, building the world currency is the only direction. In other words, Libra did not cater to regulation, turning Libra into an equity asset, or similar to the usage rights and incentives of so-called software in many digital currencies (such as EOS or Ethereum, etc.), not an internal credit system. Libra is going to be the world currency and to be a payment tool.