Opinion: Governments and central banks are eyeing Bitcoin and Libra because they reduce the government's ability to control the market.

Concordium chairman Lars Seier Christensen said in a Forbes column today that the government and central bank want to stifle cryptocurrencies such as Libra and Bitcoin from national security issues, investor protection to liquidity, and for good reason. “It is speculated that Libra will be supported by 'safe' assets such as money market instruments, fiat currencies and short-term government bonds. If Libra is very successful, it will lead to a large number of such tools and liquidity problems. At the same time, he said: “The technology presented today is very simple. Even if it is not below the level of Bitcoin, it is difficult to support a complex monetary system all over the world. This will probably improve over time, but who will control it? Dave Hodgson, director and co-founder of NEM Ventures, said the government and central bank were eyeing Bitcoin and Libra because they reduced their ability to control the market and the population.