Morning market: BTC continues to decline trend, mainstream currency still needs to find the bottom

BTC fell to a thousand points in the morning, the lowest fell to 9355, broke the 60-day moving average, and since the BTC trend formed a rising market, the first time fell below the 60-day moving average, forming the biggest trend of the callback, the current trend is to break the bottom support, Returning to the 9600 area to enter a stalemate, judging from this current breaking behavior is not enough to determine the trend will form a plunge market, if the currency price continues to be suppressed to the 9600 area, then the downward trend will be further expanded However, if it can remain in the 9600 area, once the key resistance is broken, the bottom will be confirmed and the downtrend will be terminated;

On the daily BTC chart, the Bollinger band opened downwards, the price of the coin was in the lower rail zone of Bollinger, and the posture was suppressed. The moving averages were arranged in a short position, and the trend was further downward. The current price was already below the price. The 60-day moving average, once we continue to fall to break the low point, then we will see the early support of the 8800-9000 area, continue to break, it will directly fall to the 7000 area, in the short term failed to break the current low point, Will enter a small rebound trend, breaking through 10,000 rebound will also strengthen;

The MACD in the BTC chart is still a heavy-duty attitude. It is very close to the 0-axis. The STOCH is running down the 20-level line. It is already at the bottom of the oversold area. It may form a bullish rebound at any time. The RSI remains down, and it still maintains a Downward trend, Chen Chuchu suggested that the empty order is the main one, and more than one can follow the appropriate amount at the bottom;

Operation suggestion: Follow the empty order at 9800-10000 in one stage, see the 9500-9600 area, break the area and see the low point directly, the lower support area is 8800-9000; the second stage when the rebound breaks through 10000 is at 10300-10500 Enter the empty list to see 10000, break the hold;

The bottom is followed by 9300-9500 to follow up with more than 9800. When the breakthrough area continues to hold, the key resistance is 11300. Remember to take a good stop loss and control the position risk. Break the low point at 8800-9000. To follow up; Chen Chuchu tried to give all the effective suggestions to everyone in the analysis and suggestions, and also gave clear and clear ideas in the text, so that investors can clearly understand the trend and direction of Bitcoin, and operate In the process, it can also reduce unnecessary losses, so as to actually earn income;

ETH Ethereum fell to a minimum of 192, the author mentioned that the current mainstream currency is a process of finding the bottom, will continue to form a downward trend, has recently been in a broken position, most of the indicators have been invalid, until the bottom area can be found stable, If adjustments are made, then it will return to the normal trend; focus on the key areas 180-185, once the area is touched, it can be opened in batches; in the near term, it is recommended to be empty, and the rebound is the time to be short;

XRP Ruibo continues to fall. It is currently below 0.3 and has formed a repressive posture. The short-term volatility has been in a broken form. After that, XRP will continue to maintain a downward trend. The author also mentioned that 0.28 is a key support. The area, if you hold this area, you can follow up. If you continue to fall, we will see the 0.25 bottom support;

LTC Wright dropped to the 75th zone at the lowest level. This area is also a concentrated area of ​​bulls. After that, it can keep up with the right amount. Chen Chuchu suggested that the sky is low and low. Currently, the 75-80 and the batch follow up to see more than 90, and the breakthrough continues. Have a high point; support 75, resistance 90;

After the BCH formed an oversold trend on the previous day, it has not been broken in the near future, so the subsequent downtrend will gradually change. After that, it can be followed up in batches in the 250-260 area, waiting for the reversal to come; support 240, resistance 310;

EOS has increased its downtrend today and further tested it down. If it can return to 4.0, the bottom will form. If it continues to run below, it may continue to test the bottom 3.0 area. The current proposal is high-altitude and low-suction, 3.0-3.3 points. Lots of open positions, 4.0 follow-up empty orders;

The recent decline in the pie has once again broken the position with the mainstream currency, and the decline has further intensified; both the pie and the mainstream currency have reached a key bottom segment, so once the key area is touched, from the current market, the downtrend is May be terminated, but does not rule out the idea that the main force has short.