EOS42 initiates update regproducer Ricardo contract multi-sign proposal

According to MEET.ONE, EOS42 today announced that it has submitted a multi-sign proposal and upgraded the regproducer (receipt node registration) Ricardo contract. The purpose of the agreement is to help the EOS community reach an agreement on the basic process and specifications of the block node system. The multi-sign proposal will expire on August 1, 2019. Block node accountability is achieved through standards agreed upon in the regproducer contract. The ultimate goal is to ensure the stability of the infrastructure's performance, provide reliable support for dApps, and provide protection for the EOS blockchain. EOS42 submitted a referendum proposal on May 29, 2019 to update the regproducer Ricardo contract. The referendum survey quickly received a lot of support, and so far it has received 16.1 million votes, of which 99.68% of the voting participants expressed support.