Tron-based token IseriCoin has a coinage vulnerability that has been exploited by attackers

Today, the DVP blockchain security monitoring system TronEye detected an attack: during 2019-04-08 19:23:12 to 2019-04-09 12:21:30, there were multiple attackers targeting one based on Tron's token (IseriCoin) launched an attack. The hacker used the contract vulnerability to send a huge amount of IseriCoin token to his account. The token was put on the kiwidex exchange and has been suspended. According to the DVP security team, the incident was caused by the same vulnerability between the IseriCoin contract and the already attacked TronCrush Token contract, so the attacker used the same attack method as long as the attacker transferred to himself and obtained and issued the amount of the transfer. Equal amount of tokens.