LTC, DCR and Dash's multiple mining machines are once again on the verge of shutting down the currency price

According to the statistics of the Poolin mining pool, the LTC, DCR and Dash mining machines are most affected by the falling price of the currency, and some mining models are facing the risk of shutdown. Bitcoin, BCH, and BSV Although the price of the currency has fallen, the current mining machine still maintains a high daily income, and the mainstream mining machine has no risk. In addition, more than half of the Dash mining machines in the market have reached the closing price, Dash is now quoted at 691.92 yuan, the ant mining machine D5 is shut down at 484.52 yuan, the core A5 series and the ant mining machine D3 mining machine have reached the closing price; DCR Now quoted at 185.22 yuan, the mainstream mining machine in addition to Shenma D1 (shutdown currency price 65.43) and ant mining machine DR5 (shutdown currency price 62.47 yuan), basically has reached the shutdown price. In contrast, the Wright coin mining machine is slightly better, the mainstream brand mining machine can still maintain the income status, but the electricity bill has accounted for nearly 50% of the revenue.