Associate Professor, School of Law, Hangzhou Normal University: The success of digital coins must have an "ecological basis" at the social application level.

According to the Law of the Weekend Weekly, Wang Jiaguo, an associate professor at the Law School of Hangzhou Normal University, published the article “Where the Clouds and Clouds: The Way to Dare to Ask Where to Go”. The article stated that in addition to providing technically absolute security and reliability, it is also necessary to build a currency. The social "ecology" of the people. The “ecological” construction of the currency is far more difficult than the technical ecological construction, because the technology is not advanced and powerful, so there is no fear of no users, but the currency is not. In particular, the ecological construction of the world-class digital “coin king” needs more opportunities and platforms, just as the US dollar used the “World War II” opportunity to build an international monetary system in Bretton Woods. The success of digital coins must have an “ecological basis” at the social application level. In the case of the US dollar hegemony, if other countries can't achieve the overtaking of the curve, it is basically no need to break the dollar hegemony. What's more, the Libra coin proponent Facebook, which stands out now, is still an American company!