ZT Exchange will be online BTM, and participate in the consensus node election of the original chain Bystack

According to the official website announcement, BTM will be on the ZT exchange, and the ZT exchange will participate in the consensus node competition of the original chain Bystack. BTM holders can vote for the Zt Exchange to participate in the Bystack eco-construction, while also obtaining Staking voting proceeds. The ZT exchange said it would give 90% of the node's revenue back to the voter.

As a growing trading platform, ZT.COM is a three-pronged strategy of high-performance, community-based and heavy-duty development. It provides a convenient trading experience for trading users, a secure encrypted asset storage platform, and finally Communityize trading platform operations strategies. ZT becomes a consensus node for maintaining the Bystack blockchain network and will help commercial blockchain applications fall. Bystack is based on the blockchain BaaS platform than the original chain, which helps users quickly create, manage and maintain enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications.