Report: 96% of BSV transactions are from this weather app

According to CoinMetrics, a weather app accounted for 96% of the total volume of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain.

The Massachusetts-based data analysis company said in a report released today that most of the transactions in the BSV blockchain came from "Weather SV." It came to this conclusion after studying OP_RETURNS, a script that allows users to write arbitrary data to a public ledger.

Any output with OP_RETURNS is not expensive. Therefore, OP_RETURNS can be used to record metadata, but it cannot be used to effectively exchange values.


(% of BSV transactions including OP_RETURNS)

CoinMeterics pointed out that Weather SV uses the most OP_RETURNs on the BSV ledger.

"On July 14, more than 96% of BSV transactions included OP_RETURN."

The core function of Weather SV is to record and retrieve climate data on the BSV public ledger. According to the company's website, users can activate the service for $5, including an hourly broadcast of approximately 142 days. The income earned by the app is distributed among the certifiers of the BSV blockchain, which also explains its higher transaction output.


(Weather SV trading volume vs other trading volume)

CoinMetrics further pointed out that the total transaction volume of BSV exceeded the growth of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The data provided by the company shows that bitcoin transactions are in a horizontal trend and BCH is rising steadily.

The CoinMetrics report sparked heated discussions. Bitcoin and BCH supporters criticized the blockchain for serving only one major app. BSV supporters said data shows that people are increasingly accepting BSV as a replacement for other public blockchains.

There are Twitter users saying:

“The app is meaningless, just copying the data from a centralized weather service organization and writing them to the SV blockchain.”

BSV supporters reply:

"Yes, but these weather data will always exist. If you think this is worthless, then I will use Google to explain it to you."

Many people also believe that compared with competitors, the BSV blockchain was born, and the growth of its trading volume is a positive signal for future development.

"If you think about it, you will find that it's really great. All of these deals come from an app. There will be dozens, hundreds, or even tens of thousands of apps in the future. I think people really want to use bits. Currency, not just HODL."