Sun Zhiyan of the State Council: Blockchain and other technologies fundamentally change the path of factor flow and spatial allocation

On April 10th, "Economic Daily" published the development strategy of the Development Research Center of the State Council and Sun Zhiyan of the Regional Economic Research Department, "Analysis and Policy Suggestions on Reshaping the Regional Development Pattern of Technological Progress." The article stated that the impact of the new round of scientific and technological revolution on the regional economy mainly through two paths: one is the technological substitution and the spatial compression effect, that is, further expanding the economy by substituting the labor force or reducing the marginal demand scale of the geographical entity space for economic activities. The spatial agglomeration effect of activities, which in turn affects the spatial layout of economic activities; the second is the virtual interconnection space created by new technologies to reshape the relationship between regions, that is, to establish new regions between different regions through technologies such as the Internet, blockchain, and cloud computing. The spatial connection path enables the different functions of production, trading, management, control and other supply chains to be connected in real time and conveniently in different spaces, fundamentally changing the path of factor flow and space allocation, and establishing a supply chain based on the entire supply chain. The new functional division of labor links.