The MLM "online" was arrested and the Yancheng police will investigate the participants of Plustoken in accordance with the law.

On July 16, the Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau: Recently, the Datong police cracked a large fund-raising fraud case. The scammers invested in the "blockchain" and "LCC light cone coins" and scam 100 in a short time. Yu Wan Renminbi.

According to the chain of financial understanding, Datong police cracked the "LCC light cone coin" fund-raising fraud case and the "LCC light cone coin" incident that collapsed in March 2018 is the same incident.

The chain of finance learned that the criminal suspect in the illegal fund-raising case cracked by the Datong police in Shanxi was a higher-level “online” of the LCC light cone coin.

Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department introduced that in September 2018, the Pingcheng Branch of Datong City received reports from the masses. A man named Zou Mou defrauded the victim with the investment of “LCC Light Cone”. In this regard, Datong police attached great importance to it and quickly set up a task force to carry out investigations. On June 23, 2019, the project police, in cooperation with the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, successfully arrested the criminal suspect in Shenzhen. At present, the criminal suspect has been detained in criminal detention and the case is being further processed.

China Business Daily reported on July 26, 2018 that the amount of LCC light cone currency may be as high as 4.9 billion yuan.

The model of LCC light cone currency analysis on the chain financial analysis shows that the development mode of LCC light cone coin is a typical MLM mode. It is understood that LCC light cone currency clearly stated that its income model is “multiple compounding per day”, and LCC holders can not only get the interest of 0.1%-0.3% of the total amount of LCC held by them, but also get the interest. 30% of the interest on the "downline" of the day, and the interest on the line has been able to get the sixth generation.

This has also been recognized by the police. At the beginning of June 2018, Shenzhen Tianyi Jiahe Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., the main company that created LCC light cone coins, was seized by Guangzhou Tianhe Police and was defined as an illegal fund-raising event. LCC light cone coins were also defined as pyramid money.

The promotion mode of Plustoken, which collapsed on June 30, is the same as that of LCC light cone coin. Its main source of income is the “head fee” obtained by pulling down the line, but Plustoken’s online profit level has been extended to the 10th floor. .

In addition, Plustoken and LCC light cone coins "only rise and fall", using a community-based operating model, and all publicity for foreign teams, but the actual operator identity is unknown.

After the Plustoken crash, many people in the Plustoken exchange group advised Plustoken investors not to call the police. These people said that it is also their choice to invest in problems. The alarm is not useful, it is better to work hard.

In this regard, the organizer of the Plustoken incident, the Jingcheng Brigade of the Yancheng City Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province, said that if you are deceived, you can report it to the local police station.

According to media reports, the important trader of Plustoken has been brought to justice, and the case was supervised by the Ministry of Public Security of China and undertaken by the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Yancheng Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province. The case is currently under investigation.

In early July, a list of Plustoken's creations flowed out of Plustoken's exchange group, which counted information on the creation of people from all regions. Prior to this, Plustoken investors revealed to the chain that the creation of the people was a daily achievement. There are six figures, which can be described as a real "lie".

Yancheng police said that the PLUSTOKEN platform is engaged in the crime of pyramid schemes with the banner of the digital currency wallet and other elements of the blockchain. It has been suspected of organizing the leadership of pyramid schemes. The public security organs will investigate the participants in accordance with the law and urge the suspected criminals to surrender as soon as possible.

Source: Financial Network · Chain Finance