Global node service provider InfStones joins the original chain Bystack Ecology

Recently, global blockchain cloud computing service provider InfStones officially joined the Bystack Ecology, campaigning for the Bystack consensus node. At the same time, InfPool, which is exclusively supported by InfStones, will release BTM's PoS asset management service for users. BTM holders will be able to complete staking operations in InfPool. InfStones will continue to provide brand, technology and other resources support in the future, together with Bystack to develop the staking ecosystem.

Support than the original chain Bystack staking management service

The InfPool pool, exclusively supported by InfStones, is the world's leading PoS pool with professional and experienced PoS asset management experience. With the support of InfStones full PoS public link node coverage, InfPool mining pool provides users with a comprehensive, transparent and secure cryptocurrency staking service, which enables transparent management of staking revenue and helps users realize asset appreciation.

The asset-winding and value cycle vision of the original chain Bystack will give more value to digital assets, and its premium community users will also be able to offer InfPool's multi-currency staking management service. In the future, the InfPool pool will open up the staking service portal for the broad community of Bystack, helping Bystack's Staking ecosystem to grow, bringing community growth and promoting common interests. For more details, please stay in the InfPool product website:

Global node service providers join the ecology of the original chain Bystack consensus node

As a global blockchain cloud computing service provider, InfStones is built by Silicon Valley's senior cloud services and blockchain teams in the United States. Almost all super nodes or nodes are deployed on the global Top 100 PoS public chain. According to Staking Reward's ranking of Digital Asset Staking Services, InfStones ranks fourth in the world.

Experienced node operation

In the well-known DPoS public chain including EOS, TRON, Vechain, Ontology, Elastos, IoTeX, Loom, etc., InfStones are deployed with super nodes, and are deployed in well-known PoS public chains including Tezos, Cosmos, IRISnet, IOST, etc. node.

Strong community foundation and community influence

InfStones, as the super node of EOS and Tron, and the nodes of most top-level PoS public chains, have the community influence at the top of the industry. InfStones will further enhance the ecological impact of Bystack within and outside the community through a professional operations team, attracting more developers, investors, media, wallets, exchanges and other resources to join the Bystack ecosystem and actively participate in the main network voting and governance.

Staking product and service support

As a member of Bystack's Consensus Node System, InfStones' exclusive InfPool pool will open the entrance for Bystack, providing a better and more transparent staking service for the Bystack community, and deeper cooperation with the original official wallet to achieve technical integration and protection. Bystack voter's earnings are transparent and principal safe.

Early bird vote over the original chain Bystack node

The Bystack main online line has been less than three days, with more than 60 teams participating in the consensus node campaign, and early bird voting has exceeded 100 million BTM. According to the plan, in the first year, 10 million BTM incentives will be provided than the original chain foundation, and ordinary users can participate in the construction of the Bystack ecology and obtain Staking incentives by voting on the nodes.

For voting and for more information, please visit: