Dash Wallet MyDashWallet private key leaked for two months, the specific loss is unknown

MyDashWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet focused on Dash, was leaked two months ago, and the user's private key was leaked, but it was only recently revealed. This means that hackers can steal money from the affected user wallet.

In a forum post, Dash's marketing manager, Michael Seitz, said hackers could steal the private keys of any user who used the wallet between May 13 and July 12.


"Any user private key that uses mydashwallet.org during this time period may be stolen by hackers and should immediately transfer the balance from the wallet."

On the bright side, Seitz claims that people who use hardware wallets to store funds are not affected by hackers.

But how is this wallet going wrong?

Philipp Engelhorn of Dash News explained that in April of this year, the wallet was modified by a code on the code website greasyfork. However, the hacker managed to attack the GreasyFork account of the person setting up this feature, thereby modifying the code that accesses the wallet.

With the modified code, the wallet begins to send the user's private key from the wallet to the hacker. They then built a collection of keys – and then began to transfer people's funds. The amount of stolen Dash is still unclear.

Engelhorn also stressed that the wallet was not fully reviewed and therefore failed to identify the problem early.

The wallet was originally funded by Dash DAO, a decentralized fundraising organization that focuses on projects related to Dash. DAO warns users not to use the service for large purchases, but to use it for rewards and other matters. Users who wish to be affected have already noticed the information in a timely manner.