The US House of Representatives once again mentions Libra's regulatory trust issues and money laundering issues

At the second congressional hearing against Libra, the House of Representatives again referred to Libra's trust. The US House of Representatives stated: "How to work with regulators, the committee does not know what role Facebook has in 28 members." David A. Marcus said that the main need for proper supervision is also the spirit of our white paper. Libra is also working hard to cooperate with countries such as G7 and Switzerland. The US House of Representatives raised the question: "Why don't you consider a small pilot project with more than 1 million users and being supervised first, and you were fined for privacy issues last week, why are you rushing to launch Libra?" Marcus said that he would continue to communicate with regulators. At the same time, the House of Representatives continues to ask questions about money laundering. Live link: (open in the browser after copying the link)