Libra Hearing | Marcus: Libra's half of the reserve is in US dollars, so it will be relatively stable

At yesterday's Facebook Libra hearing, David Marcus said that members of the Libra Association were not selected by Facebook; government agencies are not currently invited, but there may be in the future that will make the Libra Association more diverse; Will use Libra to sell ads for Facebook. The Libra Association is cautious about security issues; Calibra wallets don't require a bank account, Libra is like cash, users don't get interest in their wallets; I can't decide who will supervise Libra, but we'll do our best to work with regulation; even Facebook With the acquisition of members of the Libra Association, Facebook will not have more voting rights; Libra's half of the reserve is in US dollars, so it will be relatively stable. Reserves in other currencies also need to communicate with organizations such as G7; the Libra Association will fulfill its responsibility to protect the financial system; the Libra exchange rate into US dollars depends on the exchange and the IRS; Calibra's goal is to achieve near-zero cost P2P Trading, and Calibra will not consider profitability in recent years; it will establish a regulatory network that meets the requirements of sanctions rules; many Libra wallets will become competitors of Alipay and WeChat.