JP Morgan Chase CEO: Blockchain with information sharing with correspondent banks, 120 banks signed the agreement

JPMorgan Chase (JPM.US) announced its Q2 financial report for FY 2019 on Tuesday. After the earnings report, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Piepszak attended the subsequent analyst conference call. Asking questions from analysts, Jamie Dimon said that we believe that the blockchain is real and that it takes so long because people have to agree to these protocols, and you have to write a lot of code to get into it. We have a blockchain of information sharing with the correspondent bank, and 120 banks have signed this agreement. In the future, there will be a total of 400 banks. In the end, customers will be able to take advantage of data transfer funds faster, and we are optimistic that we will launch and test them as soon as possible and ensure its security. Odaily Planet Daily Note: In April this year, the Financial Times reported that John Hunter, head of global clearing operations at JPMorgan Chase, said that IIN (inter-bank information network based on blockchain technology launched by JPMorgan Chase) is progressing rapidly. But the data that John Hunter mentioned at the time was that more than 220 banks had signed the initial service agreement.