As of the end of May, Shenzhen has issued a total of 3.28 million electronic invoices for blockchain.

According to the Southern Network news, on July 17, the reporter learned from the press conference on optimizing the taxation business environment in Shenzhen that as of June 2019, the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau had implemented 70 measures to optimize the taxation business environment. It is worth noting that the blockchain electronic invoices implemented in some areas rely on big data calculation and Internet distributed data storage technology, without tax control equipment, no need to file tax returns, ready-to-use, unlimited votes, to achieve "transactions" That is, invoicing, invoicing is reimbursement." According to statistics, since the implementation of the blockchain invoices in Shenzhen, as of the end of May, a total of 3.28 million electronic invoices for blockchains have been issued, with a total invoice amount of 2.5 billion yuan, which greatly facilitated the invoicing needs of enterprises and allowed taxpayers to handle them. Tax matters are more time-saving.