Australian Computer Society: Numerous uncertainties will influence the development of blockchain

According to People's Daily, the Australian Computer Society released a report on Blockchain 2030 – Australia Blockchain Development Outlook. The report believes that many uncertainties will affect the development of the blockchain. According to the report, from the technical point of view, blockchain technology is developing rapidly, and digital security issues are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. In the future, blockchain architecture design will usher in a unified system to form industry standards. From an economic perspective, the point-to-point economic system is fast. Growth, start-ups and SMEs have become the main drivers of blockchain development and economic progress; from a geopolitical perspective, the development of the Asia-Pacific economy provides an opportunity for the development of the blockchain industry. China relies on 1,581 blockchain patents. Ranked first in the world, the competition of talents is expected to become increasingly fierce; from a social perspective, the increase in the gap between rich and poor in Australia may lead to the need for trust, and people's growing concern about privacy may also drive blockchain technology. Develop in this direction. The report stated that there are many uncertainties in the development of blockchain. Whether the blockchain can resolve the contradiction between decentralization and scalability, transparency and privacy, whether it can effectively reduce costs and improve efficiency, and reshape the trust mechanism of the society, will all influence the future development of the blockchain.