Weitong Kaiwei: New technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain will bring about a new round of reform in the field of financial technology

According to the Economic Information News, recently, Wei Kai, deputy director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of China’s ICT, said in the “Digital Financial Development Forum” jointly organized by the China Information and Communication Research Institute and related units, despite cloud computing, New technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain will bring about a new round of changes in the field of financial technology, resulting in improved efficiency of financial services and savings in financial services. However, the in-depth development of financial technology in the future will also face new challenges in the construction of industrial norms and technical standards systems, financial industry regulation, as well as financial information security risks and technical costs, professional talents and other constraints. Balancing the opportunities and challenges brought about by the development of financial technology is a problem that needs to be faced by the whole industry.