The fake OKEx Jumpstart URL can be directly redirected to the currency of the LaunchPad. Both parties responded to the URL.

According to Cryptonews today, the user input suspected OKEx Jumpstart official website "" will automatically jump to the currency security Launchpad. Upon inquiry, the domain name was created on March 12, the date on which OKEx announced the launch of the Jumpstart platform, and was registered by the Hong Kong registrar West263 International Limited on the whois platform. The domain name registrant's address information is displayed in Chengdu, Sichuan. In response, OKEx officially responded that the official website of OK Jumpstart is "", not the above URL. The official of the currency security said that it was not known before, and it should only be the self-issuance of the domain name registrant. Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the coin, also replied that he has checked and can guarantee that this domain name does not belong to anyone in the currency. This may also be the strategy of the domain name occupant, forwarding it to "competitors" and forcing them to buy.