Encrypted Currency Bull Market Revelation: Was the last round the same as this round?

Now it's time for a "probably" bull market starting point. The biggest feature is that the price of bitcoin has started to skyrocket – the skyrocketing – plunging – skyrocketing – plunging – plunging – skyrocketing pattern.

Many people want to know whether it is the beginning of a bull market or a longer period of pain in the conversion of bulls and bears.

But everyone knows that no one can give an accurate answer, so people turn to hope to get a little bit of information from the formation and fanaticism of the previous round of bull market. So I am going to relive the last round of bull market with everyone today, but the perspective is not an insider, but an outsider. In their eyes, 2017 is not a bull market, but a huge bubble formation and shattering.

First, write in front

To review such a frenetic bubble, let us first review the process of the biggest bubble burst in the history of the Internet. It is a bubble referred to by the word "Internet bubble". It must be known that there is more than one bubble in the history of the Internet, but there is no The title is the most classic one, just like there are many big brothers in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, but there is no title. The simple "big brother" refers to only one person, and the representativeness is very strong.

The collapse of the Nasdaq bubble on the turn of the 20th century to the 21st century has become a new model of the Internet bubble:

This global-level Internet bubble has made a model for the Internet bubble in other countries around the world. Of course, the best students to learn later are China's Internet bubble, and more than once.

It gives all the fanatic speculators a crazy indication: something that can't be touched is a good thing that can be fired infinitely multiple times.

Second, the blockchain bubble origin

In fact, it is not so much a blockchain bubble, it should be said that the "ICO bubble" is more reasonable, because the blockchain is actually the "back pot". What brings the bubble is not the new technology of blockchain, but the new financing method of ICO.

Key points: The core of the last round of the bubble was the new financing method from ICO.

Rather than what everyone calls technological innovation, or a bunch of new terms brought about by the so-called new concepts.

Third, the frenzy of the bubble

Blockchain, the "back pot man" really stood in the middle of the stage is actually in the frenzy of the end of 2017, why? Because the word ICO cannot be mentioned, at the same time, digital currency (or virtual currency) has also been banned. Everyone knows that the September Fourth is coming.

The people who have experienced the following stories should be remembered. If it is the person who came into the scene after that, the people who have heard the experience will not realize the madness at that time.

Briefly describe it: in two or three months, it is rising almost every day. Every day, a batch of coins doubles. At that time, the top ten currency of the market value can be turned ten times in a week (wave field), the altcoin does not Doubling is not called rising. If you invest in private equity, you can open your eyes with a closed eye. As long as you can get on the line, it will increase several times. You only need to know a name when you invest in the project. Do you want to see the white paper? After reading it, you will not have your quota.

By the way, Bitcoin’s gains in those two months were ten times.

At that time, the "blockchain" became a word that everyone was talking about. Even the blockchain would not be classified in the category of "classical Internet". Many old Internet people were once anxious and anxious until midnight. Do not sleep at all. (After a while, people who didn't understand DAPP were also classified as "classical blockchains", which is ironic.) Even a lot of podcasts I listen to often talk about blockchain and bitcoin, even though they invite people like themselves, they are just watching the fire from the other side.

People who don't understand, can't always understand how an air project plus blockchain is worth the name? Those who know, know that the blockchain is just a scorpion, the blockchain is virtual, and the ICO is real.

Fourth, a large amount of funds come into play

Please think about a question: a lot of money has no brains to enter the market, is it the cause of the bull market or the result of the bull market?

There are many reasons why a bubble can blow up, but if you only say one reason, it must be a lot of money. If there is no money to enter, you can't blow up a bubble, and you can't blow a bubble. Why did a large amount of money come into play? Again, because the bubble has risen, people have already believed in this story.

The story of the year was simple: the blockchain revolution.

Of course, this word has become a joke for everyone. Those who were crazy about the Internet circle hated not to sleep in the middle of the night and talked about the blockchain. The real high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, etc. have been left out, and the blockchain that can't be seen and touched without practical application is lively. This is nothing more than the wealth effect.

In the above blockchain, I am referring to the so-called "coin-free blockchain". I have always believed that the blockchain technology that has left the currency is just a good technology, and has nothing to do with "revolutionary."

However, when a large amount of money comes into play, no one can control this, and the mouth is shouting of doctrine, and the whole heart is business.

Fifth, the bubble burst

After the ICO bubble burst, the blockchain's momentum fell to the bottom in a year.

After the bubble burst, we were more able to see clearly how many people were swimming in the bubble. Bitcoin, which was scorned by Internet tycoons at the time, was actually a real revolutionary product, and 99% of the so-called blockchain projects have fallen apart.

And the bull market that everyone expects is actually looking forward to a very big bubble like this, and we are just at the center of the bubble formation.

So, is the bull market coming now?

To answer this question, please answer these questions first: Is there a new financing method in this round? Is there a better concept? Can you tell a complete story of Xiao Bai’s ability to believe?

If there is one, then there will be people who have no bottom line to tell the story of a very exciting person, and then take the money of the white, and leave more stories of riches to attract more People push bitcoin to a higher high.

The bull market is actually like this.

Although most people who came to the bitcoin bull market did not buy bitcoin at all. (Finish)

In the end, many people have been frightened by the plunge in recent days. I will recharge everyone here.

The chart below shows the trend of a bull market that surged three months before the bull market. It can be seen that in the early stage of the rise, there has been a rising trend, but the plunge often comes. I made some red arrows in the picture. You can see that almost every time, there will be a plunge that will smooth out the previous period of increase, at least 30%-50%.

Author: William Chen

Public number: Chain bit Lianbit (ID: William 1913).

This article does not make any investment advice. Rejected without permission.