The top 5 “fraud coins” in the first half of the year, the lowest increase of 1400%

In the summer of 2019, Bitcoin swept away the "depreciation" of 2018 and broke through the $10,000 mark. What followed was the revival of the cryptocurrency market.

And this summer is also alive, there are many "star" projects that have once made the currency circle like a meteor.

All of these projects have one thing in common, that is, they are all surrounded by thousands of people in the first half of 2018, that is, before the bear market has arrived.

But their other thing in common is that the price of coins fell from the paradise to the bottom of the valley when the bear market came, and it almost disappeared in the past year or so.

Nowadays, with the arrival of the "bull market", these projects have become eager to move.

XMX: The current price is 2 points, this year's increase is 1430%

On July 11, 2019, the former star project XMX founder Yu Hong issued a poster on Weibo, "Bullet filled, the cup is numbered" eight characters, marking the determination of Yuhong to "revitalize" XMX .

Many netizens excitedly expressed their wish to "refuel together" and "is a stud". Some netizens said that "do not care if XMX is an air currency, and the speculation will be finished."

Time is pushed back to 3 am on February 11th, 2018. Yuhong, who was originally named in the currency circle, has created a "3 o'clock sleepless sleep with a group of friends who are not sleeping because of the many years of accumulated connections in the page. WeChat group of blockchains.

At that time, it was the peak of the blockchain industry. In the following days, "3 o'clock" began to become a popular IP. Many people used this IP to establish a toll community, and then completed a lot of wealth accumulation.

Seeing the success of the community operating model, Yuhong launched the XMX project with the heat of the currency.

On the evening of June 3, Yuhong established the “3 o'clock XMX Global Community Alliance”, and the leaders of the “Alliance” included 99, including Zhao Dong, Xu Gang and Guan Peng. They led 99 WeChat groups of 500 people and planned to open a dream success path for XMX.

Yuhong claims to be a "great blockchain community experiment." The people in the group also shouted out almost mad slogans from time to time: "Sing together, I am XMX, I am the founder of Yuhong at three o'clock, I am the red sister, I am the world's first human flesh chain."

On June 7th, XMX launched the fire currency HADAX. From 1 am to 1 pm, within 12 hours, XMX soared from the opening of 1 yuan to 30 yuan, and then plummeted all the way. At noon is still 30 yuan, it will become 2 yuan at night, and it will fall to 2 points in the early morning, a drop of 1500 times.

Investors began to accuse the XMX of being an air coin, but the head of the XMX said: "The 1500-fold plunging is fake, and there are exchanges that are strong on XMX, and they manipulate the price of the currency."

After the netizen found that when the 1 yuan soared to 30 yuan, less than 6 million XMX were traded. The XMX private offer price is about 0.025 yuan, and the 6 million XMX of the "pull disk" only needs 150,000 yuan.

What's even more ridiculous is that when an investor who participated in a private placement wants to sell XMX, he found that he could not charge the wallet from the wallet. User real money spent money on BTC and USD trading just "code" and did not buy real XMX.

At the beginning of August, some media reported that the XMX currency price had been zeroed, and the Internet was in vain. Yuhong briefly replied “No” in the community and said that only the website could not be displayed.

The reason is that XMX RMB on HADAX only shows two digits after the decimal point, which makes the XMX whose price drops to 0.007 yuan seem to really return to zero.

As the XMX currency price fell from 2 points to 7%, Yuhong's reputation also fell to the bottom.

On June 14, Li Xiaolai said in a long article replying to Chen Weixing that XMX not only copied white papers from other projects, but the currency itself was air currency.

"This is almost the only time I have taken the initiative to avoid the pit in the currency circle." In the last sentence of the article, Li Xiaolai seriously summed it up with a half-hearted gloating mood.

In the following year, Yuhong and his "beautiful dream" XMX slammed the drums, and until recently, suddenly came back.

2 times back to June 20, 2019, the XMX was violently stretched by the singer of "zeroing" and half a year of silence. It rose from 1% to 3%, an increase of about 114%.

Two days later, Yuhong “screamed” in the community every day and promised to have a tray. According to the global market of the Fire Coin, Yuhong’s “calling the single” day, XMX rose by 77% in the day and rose more than six times in five days.

Some media said that the return of Yuhong was due to the arrival of the bull market and on the other hand to his bitcoin mine project.

A person familiar with the matter said that Yuhong wanted to lock the warehouse after pulling the XMX, and then used the money to sell the miner to do the mine business.

But XMX, which has a history of “return to zero”, will make tens of thousands of people crazy as it did last year?

CDC: The current price is 3%, and the increase in the past six months is 1800%.

"The CDC in the account has changed from 190 to the current 3000." A coin player told 31QU.

On June 21, CDC suddenly rose from 3% to 7%. According to non-small data, CDC has risen by as much as 1800% in the past six months.

This means that the star project that does not lose XMX's popularity – the CDC consumer chain has once again caught up with "the express train to the spring."

Although it is also a "classical Internet person" admission, but unlike Yuhong's community operation model, the founder of the CDC consumer chain, Yang Ning, is taking a more typical "chicken harvest" road.

Before entering the currency circle, Yang Ning served as the vice president of He graduated from Stanford Electromechanical Engineering and is very sensitive to technology trends. Based on his past experience, some media said that Yang Ning is a blockchain developer who wears “running shoes”.

In February 2018, the CDC (version) white paper V1.01 version stated that CDC "provides a convenient consumption 'bill' acquisition and upload tool for each city, every street, every store, and everyone. Let these bills be turned into gold mines for data." At first glance, CDC does have to do "blockchain + consumption."

However, at that time, there were rating agencies that the CDC business model "has limitations in itself, and the market space is small in the future, and development is difficult."

In fact, one month before the official release of this white paper, CDC has already invested in the ZB exchange. After the opening of the day, the highest rose to 75USDT, CDC began to build momentum, and successively landed on the HADAX, LBANK, and Huobi Korea Exchange.

“The most impressive thing was that CDC once had an activity to send Maserati. After the event, the CDC immediately rose 400%.”

For the player's statement, 31QU found the announcement on the day of the event. According to the announcement, users with the highest volume of transactions can get a Maserati SUV. It is not difficult to understand why the CDC currency price soared to 4 gross 5 on the day.

However, two months later, the good drama kicked off.

First, the CDC Twitter suddenly stopped, and the CDC/BTC transaction hit a record high in volume, and it shrank sharply the next day.

This means that CDC has seen a lot of selling in the secondary market.

But the CDC's performance is not over.

Just before the CDC successfully passed the fire currency HADAX vote, the netizen found that the CDC's contract address had two transfers, a value of 600 million, a value of 750 million. The CDC not only tampers with the lock-in address, but the number of Tokens added to the two transactions is "far more than its previously claimed 1 billion."

On May 14, 2018, the CDC official website Weibo stopped.

In November 2018, the Firecoin Global Station stopped all CDC trading and recharge services on the Firecoin platform. At the same time, the CDC team was disbanded.

On November 6, Sanyan Finance interviewed Yang Ning overnight. He confirmed that the team had been disbanded and said that “entering the currency circle is the last regret of my career”, and I was pitted and defended.

For Yang Ning's rhetoric, blockchain practitioners have said that Yang Ning is a "liar." Dovey Wan, founder of Primitive Ventures, questioned Yang Ning's little knowledge of blockchains such as private keys and asked Yang Ning to publish screenshots of project financial information.

However, this "bitter" is also ridiculous now, because some media broke out of the CDC project and the Yang Ning team left the market to cash out and bought two wineries in France. The wine of Yang Ning’s mouth, which has no door to defending rights, is not a taste of amaranth.

Even so badly, CDC is still "cheat" in the near future, and its story is still not over.

DDM: The current price is 4 gross, and the increase in the past half year is 5860%.

DDM can be counted as a typical case of "counterfeiting." There is even sufficient evidence to show that the DDM project and the CDC project were created by the same team.

The DDM official website shows that the project is dedicated to addressing the pain points of the content industry and allowing content producers to get real profits. The “blockchain+content” direction is not surprising in many blockchain projects.

However, it is worth noting that in the DDM official online team members, the operating officer Olumide Gbenro's Twitter, Facebook and other social software did not mention the words about the DDM project, and there are no members of the DDM team among the followers.

Interestingly, on the CDC website, this Olumide Gbenro is also a member of the CDC team. A total of seven people from the entire CDC team overlap with the DDM team members, which has to be skeptical that the DDM project was created by the CDC team.

Another suspicion that DDM is the CDC team's point is that 31QU inquired about the ZB exchange's announcement and found that CDC and DDM are almost in front of the ZB exchange, the difference is that DDM night CDC five minutes on the coin .

On January 20, 2018, DDM officially landed on the ZB exchange. On the day of the open trading, DDM prices fluctuated drastically, with the highest amplitude reaching 199999.000, and finally stabilizing at 4 gross.

But as time goes by, the DDM project hides a lot of unexpected "surprise".

On January 29, 2018, the topological chain TOPChain issued a document saying that DDM Entertainment Planet copied its official website code, and the number of "TOPC" appeared in the DDM code was as many as 82 times.

At the same time, the most eye-popping is that click on the QR code link on the right side of DDM official website, etc., all jump to the TOPChain message page. This is like cheating on the exam and moving the names of others to the original.

Two days later, the chain node blockchain community has a moderator posting that DDM is a “swindler project”, and listed in detail seven reasons why the project is not reliable: DDM official website is shoddy, official website has no contact information, team member information is Fraud…

One of the most talked about is the typo of the DDM official website. On DDM's official website, "virtual currency" became a "fake currency."

In addition, the DDM official website still uses Du Jun, the founder of the node capital, as its investor and consultant. But as soon as the netizens posted "counterfeiting", Du Jun sent a face to face DDM, saying that "no items are allowed to use their portraits" and reminded investors to polish their eyes to identify scams.

After that, DDM didn't have any splashes. In the past year, its currency price has not fluctuated on the trading platform. It has been quiet at around 8 percent, and it has a pool of stagnant water.

However, on April 22, 2019, DDM suddenly "lived" and reached a maximum of 3 points on the day. At the time of writing, the highest price of DDM reached 5 hairs, a 125-fold increase.

31QU learned from inside sources that the DDM project has recently been closely linked to some funds and MLM, and the real trader behind DDM seems to have been a colleague with XMX for many years. This may be a big increase in DDM in the past six months. XMX is also the reason for the skyrocketing. It is not surprising that the two project parties are highly consistent in the “cutting” approach.

EGT: The current price is 4 gross, which is 18142% in the past six months.

The "master" of EGT is the famous Bell Chain (BRC).

The key to the success of the Bell Chain is that it perfectly integrates the essence of the fund, the pyramid scheme and the pull-up, and successfully launched the two games of "Super Rich" and "Global City".

The deep-chain financial article writes that Bell chain users use ETH to purchase stores in the "Super Rich" game, and then generate BRC through the virtual operation of the store, and the obtained BRC can be realized at the exchange. This is equal to the ICO in disguise.

In order to solve the selling pressure brought by "Super Rich", Bell Chain launched "Global City", set the local currency of the game to BRC and USDT, and absorbed the BRC in the hands of the users in the previous game. The price rises to open up space.

According to the analysis of the public number DOGI Games Club, through these two games, the Bell Chain has attracted 5.2 billion in half a year, and is still launching similar games to build a huge fund game empire.

However, the apprentice EGT of the Bell chain did not perform as expected at the beginning.

Originally relying on the endorsement of Egret Engine, one of China's three major game engines, EGT has been invested by 27 well-known investment institutions including ok capital and capital.

However, when it officially landed at the exchange at the end of June 2018, EGT was seriously frustrated in the secondary market, and the price of the currency continued to fluctuate.

In December 2018, the EGT price fell to 2%, not only fell below the issue price, but also nearly zero.

Just as this is all over the world, and basically everyone has no hope for it, in April 2019, EGT began to exert its strength, and the price rose more than 30 times in two months.

But the reason for EGT's "resurrection" has little to do with the bitcoin bull market.

On May 31, 2019, EGT's eco-game "Giant" was launched online, with a 12-hour income of over $2.75 million (nearly 20 million yuan).

The game, called "Giant", is basically the same as the Bell Chain "Super Rich." In "Giant", users can enjoy 1% static gain in the game, and if you want to get 10% dynamic income bonus, you must do direct push to expand the line.

According to statistics, by introducing "Giant", EGT raised a total of 104,132 Ethereum in 20 days, of which 49,000 ETHs have been transferred to the exchange, and 55,132 ETHs are still lying on the wallet address.

Perhaps in most of the revitalized currency projects this year, EGT will be the only project that can quickly get up on the funds game.

UUU: The highest price is 6 points, and the increase in the past half year is 2349%.

Like the birth of EGT, UUU is equivalent to being born with a gold spoon, and even more "rich."

It is understood that U Network is the world's first decentralized content valuation and publishing platform, a content and incentive network driven by fairness and value. It was initiated by Silicon Valley Secret Agent, a well-known technology and new media. UUU's investors include Draper Dragon, Danhua, Block VC, Quantum Chain, and distributed top-level organizations.

The rating agency rated the U-Network project as B++ and considered the project to be a good application as a content valuation and publishing platform.

This project is not particularly well-known in China, but when it was first launched abroad, it was to let foreign netizens "explode the pot."

Previously, there was a Steemit blockchain content platform with nearly 10 million registered users worldwide. The developer was EOS founder Daniel Larimer.

After the content is published on the platform, the user can obtain a system reward token Steem according to the rules of the user's voting and comments.

Originally, Steemit has maintained a near-monopoly position in the blockchain content field abroad, and many digital currency network reds have been published on it.

Later, when U Network was launched, it passed the evaluation of the first time of the major network red, and it became the “Steemit killer” of the overseas currency circle. For a time, digital currency bloggers in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas recommended this platform to fans.

The performance of UUU in China is also amazing. Launched in February 2018 in Bibox, and launched the fire coin in March. As of mid-May of the same year, UUU has risen more than 500%.

As the bitcoin plummeted, UUU also fell to the bottom, and netizens mourned that the project was too pit. Knowing that the netizen "Bai Xinran" is not even humorous, he is "knowing the biggest IQ tax."

But in June of this year, UUU suddenly "resurrected." As of press time, the increase was up to 60 times, and the current offer is about 5 points.

The dust is like a wave of people, just a few people back in the rivers and lakes. The once smash hit project returned to the currency circle after a quiet year, and it must be said that it has caused a lot of people's curiosity.

The story of "Heroes Return" is sought after in any field.

The example of "CEO" Nakamoto's disappearance of bitcoin is still working perfectly, and the community culture advocated by the blockchain itself provides a spring breeze for these "scams".

It is only this "scam" that the project party really found the right path, or is it just raising the price of the currency and repeating the history of the last harvest?

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