Securities Times: Libra is closer to reality than BTC but still has utopian color

On July 18th, Securities Times published an article "Libra, can you surpass Utopia?" 》. The article pointed out that the various "virtual currencies" represented by bitcoin have proved to be a harmful utopian movement, and it has become a joke that it claims to replace the traditional government currency. Bitcoin and its children and grandchildren can make waves, because it captures the pain points of society. The government’s traditional currency issuance is inexhaustible, resulting in unstable currency. But the reason why “coinage” is in full swing is that many people want to pass through nothing. Making a fortune, which determines the value of those "coins" is more unstable than the traditional currency, and can not effectively enter the circulation field. The cross-border flow of funds has always been the focus of national monitoring. Under the Libra plan, transfers with anyone in the world can be done anonymously and instantaneously, but the government will never give up the corresponding monitoring. This contradiction is fundamental. Libra originally conceived itself in the field of payments, but the conflict between it and the reality of sovereign states could not be avoided from the beginning, but who can guarantee that it will not expand its field if it succeeds? What are the consequences of such non-governmental organizations if they continue to expand their fields? No one knows. It can only be said that although Libra is closer to reality than Bitcoin, there are still many things to overcome in order to implement it. It still has utopian color.