BTC "blood sucking" is fierce, only 6 coins have won BTC in the past year

According to crypt analyst Ceteris Paribus, only 4% of the more than 150 competing currencies have a positive return against BTC over the past year. Among the six currencies, except for BNB, the market value of the remaining coins did not enter the top 100 a year ago.


Today, last year, the price of Bitcoin was $7313, and it continued to fall in the bear market, hitting an annual low of $3,155. In the first half of this year, Bitcoin was triumphant and once rushed to a high of $13,968. It was temporarily reported at $9,750 today, a year-on-year increase of 33.3%. Bitcoin can quickly get rid of the bear market, and most of the competition coins can't.


Source: QKL123

Of the 167 competing currency samples selected by encryption analyst Ceteris Paribus, the total market capitalization of BTC denominated a total of 69%, from 2,340 BTCs a year ago to the current 7.2 million BTCs. This can also be reflected in the market capitalization of Bitcoin. CoinMarketcap data shows that on July 18, 18, the market value of Bitcoin accounted for only 42.8%, and today, this value is 65.53%. Similarly, investors also deeply felt that this year, bitcoin rose, the competition currency rose slightly; bitcoin rose sharply, the competition currency rose slightly; bitcoin fell, the competition currency fell even more fierce. The "blood-sucking" effect of Bitcoin is also the main theme of this year's market.


Source: CoinMarketcap

Of the 167 competitors, only 6 have positive returns relative to BTC over the past year. With the continuous repurchase and destruction mechanism and the promotion of IEO, BNB has soared from the US$5 at the beginning of this year to the highest of US$40, and successfully outperformed BTC, which is 31% higher than BTC and ranks fourth.

What is even more surprising is that, except for BNB, the other five currencies did not even enter the top 100 a year ago. The five currencies are LINK, HOT, RVN, REN and ENJ. Among them, the best performing LINK has increased by 637% compared with BTC in the past year. The last-ranked ENJ rose 1% against the BTC and became a member of the TOP6.

It is worth mentioning that most of the trading volume of these six currencies is in the currency, which seems to show the importance of liquidity.