Market solution: BTC is temporarily getting a support for the cottage currency V-shaped rebound is brewing

Market solution: BTC temporarily won the support of the cottage currency V-shaped rebound is brewing

According to analysts, after the BTC fell below $10,000, the short-term rebound has temporarily continued. Most other large-capital currencies and altcoins have rebounded. Some big-capital currencies are rebounding twice, while the weaker currencies only show a rebound yesterday. Regardless of whether it is a rebound or a rebound, it is a V-shaped rebound. If you want to buy it, you can get cheap chips when you buy it. And waiting for the price to rebound, after considering the currency in the hands of the selling point, you can get short-term gains.

Regarding the bottom buy during the rebound period, it is very important to confirm the bottom position during the rebound period. If the bought price is not near the lowest price, the profit will be affected. However, this does not matter, the game rebound does not need to re-enter the bargain-hunting, and if there is a position, you can get the income.

Once the rebound begins, it indicates that a V-shaped reversal will occur. After most currencies confirm the V-shaped reversal pattern, the money-making effect will increase. When we take advantage of the currency, once the profitability of short-term trading is weakened, we can consider reducing the shipment. The price trend of the rebound nature will be differentiated, and the strong currency rebounds more space.

Just like this short-term bottoming process, ETC is the bottom of the bottom, LTC is the bottom of the bottom, and ETH, BNB, ADA and TRX are bottoming out again after the closing price has reached a new low. XLM and IOTA rebounded after closing lows in the year. Obviously, the buying points confirmed by the two bottoms are more clearly visible.