Gavin Wood: The Kusama test network will not evolve into the main network and will be parallel to the Polkadot main network.

Babbitt reported that on July 18th, at the Polkadot China trip Beijing station hosted by Randam Capital, Gavin Wood introduced Kusama. He said: "Kusama is a newly developed, less stable test network. Just like a miner before going underground, he will put a bird in first to see if it will be poisoned. Kusama is like this for Polkadot. Kusama replicates the DOT distribution of the main network and adopts the same pass-through model as the main network, but is completely separated from the Polkadot main network and will not evolve into the main network; Kusama has no central stop switch. Kusama is a community-led network that will work with Polkadot. The main network is parallel."