Zhao Dong: "USDT Super Hair" is completely imaginary

On April 10th, DGroup founder Zhao Dongfa said on Weibo: "If you really understand the release mechanism of USDT, you will know that the so-called 'USDT Super Hair' is completely thought of as a leek. We assume that BFX (Bitfinex) uses super-issued The USDT has to pull the plate to buy the coin, so when the USDT is over-issued, the USDT should be at a negative premium for the USD, that is, the USDT will depreciate because the USDT is used instead of the USD. Actually, the market capital inflow As the USDT rises, BFX will only issue USDT sells to the market in order to maintain the USDT relatively stable. On the contrary, when the market funds flow out, it will cause the USDT to fall against the USD. At this time, BFX recovers the USDT and gives the market USD. In the whole process, BFX does not need to exceed Sending USDT can make a steady profit. Therefore, unless BFX misappropriates the USDT reserve, there will be a “super-issue” problem. At present, BFX has a profit of US$400 million in 2018, and the expenditure is only US$12 million. The return is quite good, I have not seen any motives for their misappropriation of the USDT reserve."