Lightning network re-exposing amazing flaws: BU chief scientist said users may lose all funds innocently

Peter R Rizun, chief scientist at Bitcoin Unlimited, has claimed that Bitcoin's Layer 2 expansion solution Lightning Network users may lose all their money without making any mistakes. As a two-tier solution, Lightning Networks allows users to make payments under the chain, ensuring that bitcoin transactions are faster and cheaper. The Lightning Network relies on the underlying technology, the Bitcoin blockchain, which was created primarily to meet the needs of small transactions. It eliminates the need for users to record payments on the blockchain until the payment is completed. In addition, Lightning Network can also be used as a future multi-currency routing network. Peter R Rizun commented on LN on Twitter: "In a high-level and unstable network, the lightning network users may lose all their money, and this is not their own fault. Every time the block space When demand surges, BTC's block size limit will result in high fees and instability." Please check the details: