Analysis: Zcash first round and second round investors will get a higher rate of return

According to The Block, Zcash operator Electric Coin Co. raised 16.4% of the tokens in two rounds of independent financing to raise $3 million to help launch Zcash. The first round of investors has the right to receive 213,150 ZECs for $4.69 each, and the second round of investors has the right to get 131,250 ZECs for about $15.24 each. If the investor sells on the day of receipt of ZEC, the return rate of the first round of investors will reach 3027%, and the return of the second round of investors will reach 863%. Even if the investor still does not sell any tokens it receives, it is still 1605% (or 425%) higher than the original investment. It is reported that when the cryptocurrency ZCash was launched, part of its design was to allocate 20% of the mining rewards for the previous four years (2.1 million of the total ZEC supply) to the founders, investors, employees and consultants. But the founder's reward expiration date is coming soon, which brings a decisive moment to the token and prompts the community to discuss and advise on funding.